The Vintage Studio was born in late 2019 and started with reworking mens suits, specifically vintage designer ones I collected, into power suits. This involved cropping the mens blazers into a unique and powerful silhouette to create reworked skirt sets and suits. This motivated the reworking of other products such as Burberry trench coats. From there, the collection of vintage shoes, coats, accessories and tops began.

These ideas stemmed from the idea that there are so many beautiful clothes present in the world, so why buy new when you can find amazing pieces everywhere or remake them to create a highly individual piece that no one else will have? With environmental changes playing a large part in my own purchasing decisions, I decided to continue the idea of sustainability through The Vintage Studio. We support a circular fashion industry and aim to prolong a garments life through careful sourcing and reworking. All of our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable in order to continue our mission towards sustainability.

The brand initially started with myself sourcing, designing and sewing the pieces at my kitchen table. In 2021 we took on a small studio and another member to the ever growing team to help with the daily sewing that was needed for custom and website orders. As we move forward we aim to create a more diverse range of designs in which we explore different textures, colours and vintage garments to rework.

I hope you enjoy the pieces we create and collect and find something that you truly fall in love with which makes you feel amazing and wear continuously with pride. We aim to make this part of a garments life cycle count and we hope you will too.

Thank you

Lucy at The Vintage Studio