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Hi everybody, I hope you're all well and having a lovely week!! I thought I would base the November blog around the new design coming out in December (pre-order available end of November) as well as the fabric I have sourced, a stunning Hemp/Silk mix natural coloured fabric that is truly beautiful to touch!

For a while now I have been wanting to create capsule pieces that are available in all sizes, yet limited quantities to continue our mission towards a more sustainable fashion industry. I absolutely love reworking from vintage pieces and the fact that 1/1 individual pieces can be created from something old and disregarded into something new creates such a beautiful story through clothing that I love. However, the only limitation to this is that if someone wants to order a piece that is sold out or in another size, this option isn't readily available as nothing can be recreated. Therefore, I wanted to create a couple of pieces using a high quality, luxurious and organic fabric that aligns with our values that can be sourced for each order.

The process began with designing. I absolutely love our deconstructed crop top (usually created from a vintage menswear suit) and therefore wanted to take this forward to create a full evening outfit. After developing the design of the top more, introducing more tie's and the ability to order with or without the dramatic sleeves, this is where the maxi skirt idea began. At The Vintage Studio it is key to me to create high quality pieces by hand that are timeless, classic, imperfectly beautiful and will be a long standing staple in your wardrobe for many years to come. This has definitely been continued through the simple design of the maxi skirt, with a slit up the back and invisible zip to fasten. The full outfit is truly remarkable and is sure to make a statement as soon as you walk into a room! (After all, who wants to look like everybody else?)

Here is the sample of the design made in Calico ready to be made into Hemp after sourcing the perfect fabric!

The next step involved sourcing the fabric, this meant me finding fabric samples anywhere and everywhere that I thought would work well with the design yet have a much lower impact on the environment. These samples lead me to hemp fabrics, many of which I found it hard to choose from (leading me to ask you guys which you preferred in an Instagram poll.) With a very close vote between everyone the Hemp/Charmeuse mix fabric won!! Thank you for helping me choose the fabric, it definitely is the perfect choice for this design, especially with how it flows as the sleeves and maxi skirt! Here is an image of a selection of the samples received for this piece:

I began making a couple of garments and instantly loved the fabric and the design, a match made in heaven! I traveled to London for a photoshoot of the sets along with the new pieces dropping in December, where it was such an exciting feeling to see the pieces come to life on such beautiful models! Here's a sneak peak at some BTS images:

I am so excited to make these pieces available to you and especially for you to be able to order to your specific sizing! The top and maxi skirt will be available for sizes UK4-16 (if your size isn't within this range, don't hesitate to email us to request for a piece in your specific sizing!) There will be limited quantities to make sure we continue our mission to ensuring your wardrobes are full of one of a kind pieces as well as creating a slow fashion brand and minimising waste fabric. December will have lots of treats available for you guys and the pieces will be available for pre-order at the end of November as well as a drop on the 1st December, at the start of the month to make sure you get your special pieces in time for Christmas! It's meant to be right?!

Thank you for reading all about our new designs and fabric and I can't wait to make it available online and go more in depth about the processes involved over Instagram and TikTok!!

Take care,

Lucy xxx

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