Reworked Shearling!!

I hope you're all having a lovely December so far!! Tomorrow evening at 7PM GMT my first ever reworked accessories drop will be available and I'm so excited! I began with the idea of reworking vintage shearling coats a couple of months ago! I personally love vintage shearling coats for their timeless and classic nature, a staple that everyone needs in their wardrobe (especially in the Winter time!) I started to think the perfect accessory to go with our classic reworked suits and sets would be to rework the vintage shearling fabric into bags and hats and fun accessories for winter as well as keep the original coat but in a more cropped form! You may have already seen them all over our social media pages but here's a sneak peak BTS...

Warm bucket hats, oversized clutch bags (both featuring our organic brand tags on the front for extra detail) as well as 3 cropped oversized vintage jackets will be available 08.12.21 at 7PM GMT! The accessories have been created from reworking the left over fabric from the crop coats and given a completely new purpose and are the perfect stocking filler for Christmas, gift to a loved one (or yourself because we all need to treat ourselves!!) I have been experimenting with many silhouettes to bring you more designs after these classic ones are released so keep your eye out for all that will be available over the next month!! Here are a few ways to style the new reworked shearling accessories:

I can't wait to make these available to you tomorrow evening!! They really are the perfect Winter addition to your wardrobe, all handmade by me in my small studio!

Have lovely week,

Lucy xxx

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