Welcome everyone, to those who already know about us and to those who have come onto our site for the first time, hello to you all!!

I have been meaning to begin a blog for The Vintage Studio for a while now and the time has come for me to start writing! So, what to talk about? I wanted to start our first ever blog introducing you to my small brand and explaining what we do and my values as a sustainable, independent brand owner!!

The Vintage Studio began in 2020 (just before the pandemic, good time to start right! ... ) I began to rework menswear clothing after Uni when I was struggling to hold down a job due to health problems! However, it gave me the space to experiment with upcycling vintage clothing and create beautiful one of a kind pieces, found no where else! Not only did I want to create pieces that you would find no where else, giving you a timeless staple piece for your wardrobe that never goes out of style but my most important aim was for those who step into my pieces to be overcome with confidence when they step out the front door in the morning!! A crucial emotion to dressing I believe, for you to feel like you in an effortless yet powerful outfit!

The Vintage Studio sells a small selection of exclusive designer vintage, 1/1 reworked vintage pieces and designs created using pre-loved fabric. I set out with a goal: to extend the life cycle of clothing and fabrics. I couldn't understand the point in buying new when you can create exclusive, one of a kind pieces that no one else owns from preloved clothing/fabrics that already exist in the world, right?

My favourite experience as a small brand owner so far has to be our London Pop Up Shop during the summer!! It felt surreal to see so many people in person and talk to them about how the brand transpired. To see your beautiful reactions as you tried pieces we had made on felt like a blessing (and made me feel emotional to think of the progress we have made as a small brand in a pandemic.) I hope to hold many more pop up's next year, internationally too for our supportive worldwide customers (keep an eye out for that in 2022!!)

It is important for me to create wearable, fashionable pieces made just for you that will last in your wardrobe! It has been an incredible journey so far and I am so excited for everything to come, including unique new designs, more of our special classics and ways to continue our mission towards sustainability! Feel free to chat to me about any of the pieces or the brand on our 'Contact Us page' and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!!

See you soon and have a lovely week,

Lucy xxx

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