Available for pre-order, all Hemp items will be shipped 3rd December! This striking hand-dyed bright pink maxi skirt is perfect for a show stopping evening look and paired with our matching Deconstructed Crop Top. It features an invisible zip at the back to fasten as well as a slit to allow for movement. It's simple yet effective look is finished perfectly with the use of our high quality, timeless Hemp fabric.
This stunning garment is made from a beautiful natural 100% Hemp fabric, providing an organic element, keeping the environment in mind. Benefits of using Hemp for clothes include it being biodegradable, it using a fifth of the water that is needed for cotton as well as creating very little wastage in the production with the seeds being used for food supplements and stalks being used for fibre. Not only does it have a lower impact on the environment, it also feels like butter on the skin, the natural fabric is luxurious and of high quality. 
This outfit refuses to compromise a high fashion, powerful look for a kind approach to the environment, both are of equal value with this stunning piece. Each individual piece is cut by hand with minimising waste fabric at the forefront of my mind, making each item slightly individual in it's own right! The perfect evening/occassion outfit to truly make a statement and last a life time in your wardrobe.

100% Hemp Pink Maxi Skirt