This stunning reworked skirt set takes a new twist on our classic sets which are so easy to wear. It ahs been created through reworking a menswear vintage blazer into a dramatic backless crop blazer and wrap around skirt. The blazer features a round front with a tie back, the silhouette accentuates the waist through the fitted nature of it and the oversized, prominant shoulders. It truly is a classic and incredibly flattering piece to wear that looks good on everyone.


Please email if you would like to talk about altering this skirt to your size for no extra cost.

Reworked Beige Backless Skirt Set

  • Fits: UK 6-10

    Jacket fits UK 6-10 (due to adjustable tie back feature)

    23.5" arm


    30" low waist

    36" hip

    11.5" length