PLEASE NOTE: The Reworked Burberry Trench Skirt Set worn by Emily is from a previous drop and isn't the one you will receive with the purchase, it is there to show how the sets fit on the body. The one you will receive is photographed on the manequin.


This stunning and one of one skirt sets has been created through reworking a vintage menswear Burberry trench coat. The overall look still represents the beautiful jacket it was, however, it has been repurposed for a more modern outcome with a different purpose. The crop jacket features buttons for closure and is slightly oversized to create a beautiful contrast with the fitted skirt, which also features buttons to close. The lining has the classic Burberry nova check fabric to contrast with the stone exterior. A truly unique and individual set which will be a classic and long-term piece in anyone's wardrobe.

Reworked Burberry Trench Skirt Set

  • Fits: UK 8


    25" arm

    42" chest

    14" length


    27" waist

    16" length

    37" hip

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