An alternative to the fishtail maxi skirt, this simple reworked mini skirt is a much more simple version making it hugely versatile for any outfit, easily paired with any of the tops in this collection. It pulls on over the hips making it very easy to throw on. Paired with the A-Symmetric T-Shirt on Tanatswa and paired with the Reworked Cable Knit High Neck Top on Alice in the third to last photo.


Hand wash. Let soak in water and hang to dry.


Reworked Cable Knit pieces are made-to-order, therefore they will be made after your order is placed to reduce waste. Item's will be shipped 5-7 days after purchase.


DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of these reworked cable knit pieces, each pattern is slightly different meaning each piece is a one off. The pattern on the knitted fabric you recieve may be different to that photographed, this is due to each original vintage jumper being slightly different to the next. Examples of a range of cable knit patterns can be found in the last 2 photos, these are just examples to show slight differences in the patterns and are not the guaranteed pattern you shall recieve.

Reworked Cable Knit Mini Skirt

  • S- UK 6/8

    M- UK 10/12

    L- UK 14/16