This beauitful bodice has been reworked from a vintage mens Giorgio Armani blazer. The textured waffle fabric is a light khaki making it perfect for the summer season and for dressing up on an evening. The waste fabric has been used to create a paneled, fitted bandeau piece which is incredibly flattering on the body as the lace up back allows you to fasten it to your specific body shape. The dark brown elasticated string contrasts with the lighter fabric and is a one of one piece, making it individual to you. There is a slight patch of discolouration on the back of the bodice (right, lower back panel) due to it's vintage nature, this can be seen in the last image. However, this is barely noticeable and takes nothing away from this elegant and beauitful reworked piece.

Reworked Giorgio Armani Khaki Bodice

  • Fits: S ( Due to the adjustable lacing on the back, this bodice would fit a range of sizes 6-10 UK)

    12.5" length (from centre front)

    27" chest (can be adjusted with laces)

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