This one of a kind skirt set has been reworked from a vintage leather coat into a crop leather blazer and fitted skirt combination. It’s perfect for the upcoming season and the oversized crop jacket contrasts beautifully with the fitted skirt to create a powerful and flattering silhouette, emphasising the waist. The orange lining adds an individual aspect, making it truly unique to the purchaser, there is a slight mark on the lining which can’r be seen at all when wearing it. It’s a classic, timeless set which will last a long time in anyone’s wardrobe.

If you would like the skirt altering, please contact us via email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Reworked leather Skirt Set

  • Jacket

    54" chest

    26" arm

    14.5" length


    28" waist

    35.5" hip

    16.5" length