This stunning and one of a kind skirt set has been created through reworking a vintage Valentino menswear blazer into a crop jacket and skirt combintation. The two are a beautiful beige colour in an incredibly high quality fabric, typical to designer Valentino. The one button skirt allows for a sense of simpicity and effortlessness. It is a truly remarkable set that will be a key, long term, staple in anyone's wardrobe.


If you would like the skirt altering to your size for no extra charge, please contact us via email at before purchase. Alternatively, if you would like a similar piece made to your specific measurements, please contact us via the same email address.

Reworked Valentino Skirt Set

  • UK 10/12


    27" arm

    15.5' length

    40" chest


    29" waist

    38" hip

    15.75" length