This stunning and unique bodice has been created with the waste fabric from a pinstripe Versace mens suit. The material combines a palette of greys, pale blues and white to create the pinstripe outcome. Contrasting white stitching on the edge of all the panels creates a raw edge look, creating a completely individual and one off piece. The bodice is connected and fastened through white elastic string laced up either side of the bodice making it perfect for a few sizes as you are able to adjust it to your particular body shape. It's deconstructed appearance creates something quite special and a piece that no one lese will own. The grey silk lining has repeat 'Versace' logo throughout, showing the origin of the fabric. 

Reworked Versace Raw Edge Bodice

  • Fits: S (the lace up fastenings on either side allow for it to fit a couple of sizes, best fits a UK 6-10)

    Front section of bodice (excl. laces:)

    11.5" chest

    13.5" length

    Back section of bodice (excl. laces:)

    11.5" chest

    10.5" length


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