A stunning skirt set combination created from reworking a vintage white menswear blazer into a cropped, slightly oversized jacket and matching wrap around skirt. It is a beautiful colour, perfect for summer and transitioning from day to night. The versatility makes it amazing for all year round and it's classic shape allows it to be taken from season to season making sure it's a long lasting item in your wardrobe. There are slight marks due to the blazers pre-owned nature, however these can be dry cleaned off and therefore take nothing away from the striking blazer skirt set.


If you like this skirt set but it isn't to your exact size, please email me before purchase info@thevintagestudio.co.uk and we can talk about altering the skirt to fit your measurements!

Reworked White Skirt Set

  • Fits: UK 6-8


    15" length

    26.5" arm

    36" chest


    26" waist

    15" length

    34.5" hip