This stunning 3 piece suit has all three aspects of our reworked sets: crop jacket, fitted skirt and the trousers. It has been reworked using all the fabric of a vintage menswear Yves Saint Laurent suit. This ensures no waste fabric as the entire suit is utilised to create something different. The crop, oversized jacket comtrasts beautifully with both the fitted skirt and trousers creating a stunning and flattering silhouette. The 3 piece set allows you to style it however you want, depending on the occassion or how you're feeling on the day. It is a remarkable piece, likely to last a long time in anyone's wardrobe.

Reworked Yves Saint Laurent 3 Piece Suit

  • Fits: UK 8


    27" arm

    15.25" length

    46" chest


    27" waist

    37" hip

    16.5" length


    26" waist

    38" hip

    13" rise

    42.5" length


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