A complete one off, this 3 piece suit has been created from a pre-owned Yves Saint Laurent menswear suit. All fabric has been used, creating zero waste and utilising it for trousers, a skirt and a crop blazer. This 3 piece set allows for a versatile piece of reworked clothing, meaning you can wear the blazer with the skirt in summer and warmer days and the trousers on colder days. Therefore, this suit is not only versatile but is a staple piece that everyone needs in their wardrobe. Allowing for the 3 pieces means they can all be worn individually also, therefore it is a great investment and a piece that no other person will have. The taupe colour is perfect for day and night whilst also being such a flattering tone for everyone. It is in perfect condition, making it very rare and the perfect suit to own. Styled with the Vintage Dior Pink Monogram Heels.

Reworked Yves Saint Laurent Beige 3 Piece Suit

  • Fits: S (UK 8/10)


    15" length

    25" arm

    44" chest


    27.5" waist

    16" length


    40" length

    28" waist

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