This striking bodice has been crafted from excess fabric of a vintage Yves Saint Laurent suit. It's flattering silhouette makes it the perfect summer and evening top. The fabric is a dark navy, almost black whilst the pinstripe is a faded tan colour making it extremely elegant and sophisticated whilst unique at the same time. This piece is a complete one off, like all other reworked pieces at thevintagestudio and therefore, you are able to go out knowing you are wearing a piece only owned by you. The lace up fastening at the back includes silver eyelets to thread the black matte ribbon, giving you perfect support whilst also being able to adjust it to whatever size fits your body. The lining includes the waste of a vintage YSL mens blazer which was previoudly reworked and therefore, you are able to see a section of the 'YSL' logo embroidery.

Reworked Yves Saint Laurent Pinstripe Bodice

  • Fits: S ( Due to the adjustable lacing on the back, this bodice would fit a range of sizes 6-10 UK)

    12.5" length (from centre front)

    27" chest (can be adjusted with laces)

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