Welcome to our Spring 2021 look book featuring our new designs that we have been working on within the first 4 months of this year. All pieces within the look book are available for custom and made to order purchases. Please email info@thevintagestudio.co.uk if you would like to have a piece made to your exact measurements in a colour of your choice. All sizes are able to be made and all enquiries are welcome and we will do our best to meet your requests.

If you would like to view more images of the pieces, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Photography by Xanthe Hutchinson

Make up by Ellise Ferguson

Reworked Backless Blazer
Deconstructed Trouser Bodysuit
Reworked Cream Bolero Skirt Set, Raw Edge Shirt Top, Raw Edge Shirt Gloves & Raw Edge Extreme Hat
Reworked Leather Skirt Set
Reworked Bolero 3 Piece Skirt Set & Reworked Waste Fabric Gloves
Reworked Sage Bolero Skirt Set, Raw Edge Shirt Top & Raw Edge Extreme Hat
Reworked Bolero Crop Blazer, Waste Fabric Halterneck Top & Reworked V Trousers
Reworked 2 Piece Top and Bolero Blazer, Reworked U Trousers
Reworked Backless Blazer and Low Waist Skirt Set
Reworked Backless Beige Blazer
Raw Edge Backless Top, Raw Edge Trousers and Crop Leather Blazer
Reworked Cream Skirt Set
Reworked Shirt Bodysuit
Reworked Black Skirt Set & Lace Up Waste Fabric Gloves
Reworked 3 Piece Cream Bolero Skirt Set & Lace Up Waste Fabric Gloves