The stated price for each product reflects the quality, condition, rarity and includes additional labour to rework a garment. All products at The Vintage Studio have been handpicked carefully and therefore, the price reflects the beauty of each product,


Please note that unless stated, all products at The Vintage Studio are pre-owned and therefore, natural signs of wear are normal for vintage and reworked clothing, shoes and accessories. Our careful sourcing ensures we choose high quality products. It is important for us to be as transparent as possible so that you, as a customer, understand the true quality of the product which you are buying. Therefore, each product description is adapted for each piece and any heavy signs of wear will be stated in this section.


All of the pieces at The Vintage Studio come from different era's and designers and so the label sizing can differ heavily. Subsequently, we offer measurements of each piece of clothing to give you as clearer idea as possible of individual garment sizing.


Due to the delicacy of vintage clothing, we suggest hand washing all garments or taking them to the dry cleaners. This is because of the age of each garment, it can make them more delicate than newly made clothing. Therefore, washing each piece carefully is essential to the care of all the garments.



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